Water, wind and freedom

What moved us …

The Forum Pontile C is born on March 31, 2021 during a hike on the mediterranean island of Sardinia above the turquoise-blue Ogliastra coast.

It should be aimed at all enthusiastics for sailing, Sardinia & water sports and those who would like to become in the future.
Our membership starts from zero today, May 1st, 2021 and we – the intellectual and technical founders of the Forum Pontile C – would like an exciting and informative platform for all sailors and fellow sailors who have once moored at Pontile C and have their permanent berth there or are simply passing through and would like to invite you to be on this forum with us.

This forum is free for everyone, we look forward to your travel reports, advice, experiences, repair tips, and a friendly exchange on all topics related to sailing, Sardinia and travel.

There is nothing better than first-hand information, and hopefully also from a lot of experts.
If you are looking for an explanation for the passion for sailing & Sardinia, you can hopefully find it here very soon.

We look forward to your registration
Your Sabi & Steffi from Pontile C in Santa Maria Navarrese